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Last updated: MAY-21-2000

Why might it succeed?

Personal interest: Many people like snakes. Also many people are afraid of them. Either way, those people may most likely to put their interest in this game.

Educational points: Many things can be learnt of the snake world through this game, in such an indirect way. One is by simply watching the game elements such as the
Snakes' textures, crawl methods and body proportions. Other way is by 'feeling' its behavior and how it's affected due to weather and terrain conditions.
Yet another way exists, though not through the game-play, and is by watching videos, photos and reading a brief description for each snake type.

Gameplay: "Snake" like games took many shapes during the years, but were always viewed in a 2D top-down view. In this game, there is a new and truly different point-of-view: 1st person-perspective. Finally, after long years of waiting, the player
has the chance to see everything through the snake's eyes.
Another important thing is that, unlike all other snake-clones, this game simulates many of the real-life stuff, including the snake behavior and interaction with the environment.
There is no shooting-up in this game.

Why might it fail?

Almost every computer-games enthusiasts are familiar with the good old "Snake" game. It's a very old game, and almost each computer type in the world has its own "Snake" versions. Are those game players ready to hear about 'yet another snake like game' only this time in 3D?
Some might say that this is 'yet another Doom-like game', only it takes the shape of a snake.

Thoughts and ideas

POV: The player can use one of 1st or 3rd person-perspective views.

Zones: The scenes will run at different places in the world.

Terrain: May be varied in its hardness. It may be modified by the snake trails when it's soft, or influence the snake body when it's harder. Since the snake is moving on it, that should affect the snake's energy level, so if the terrain is bumped, it exhausts the snake quicker than a relatively flat surface.
It's also influenced by the weather. Look for a further discussion at the 'Weather' description.

Time: Day or Night, Dusk and Dawn. Depends upon snake's activity hours.

Weather: Depends upon the scene zone. It may vary from hot and dry, trough warm and sunny, to cold and rainy, or even snowy. It influences the snake energy level,
Since in a hot day the snake may be exhausted quicker than in a colder day.
It mostly affects the terrain since it can be very hot or cold, muddy, snowy, dry, hard, or soft. All these may affect the snake maneuverability, energy level, speed and needs.
For instance, in a hot dry day, the snake will need more drinking, and even find places to chill himself.
Please refer to Appendix A - "Snake Behavior Research".

Snake Types: There may be a selection of some snake types.
This should be based upon Appendix A. Special care should be taken for the following points:

  • General strength
  • Body proportions
  • Crawling types
  • Skin texture
  • Unique activities

Obstacles: These may be varied according to the scene zone. Some of the obstacles may be dangerous, while others just might interrupt the snake in his way.

Tunnels and Holes: Some terrain may include tunnels, holes and pits. This may increase the interest in the game, and also may be used for the snake to chill himself when its body temperature is too high. It may also be used as 'secret rooms' for earning some extra game points or increasing energy levels.

Food: Should fit the snake type. Eating food increases energy level, body length and weight. Drinking is also important for energy level and heat durability.

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