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Last updated: MAR-08-2001

System requierments:
Windows 95/98/NT OS
DirectX 3.0 or later installed
Pentium 133Mhz. (Recommended Pentium II 250Mhz or more).
64MB of system memory.
2MB of video memory.
4MB disk space available for installation.
Mouse and Keyboard.

Download and Installation:
Just click the link below to download the latest version of Snake3D.
Please note that this version is still under development. As such it may contain bugs, and may not be stable.
Downloading and installing the software is made at your own risk!
I take no responsibilities for anything caused due to using it!

Download Software - - 2,346Kb
After downloading the file, just extract it into some directory, and execute.
I suggest you close all ruuning applications before executing the software, to prevent the loose of unsaved data or other possible damage.

Playing the game:
You represented as a hungry snake. All you have to do is search for the next egg to be eaten.
Whenever you bump into an egg, your score gets higher, the snake body gets longer, and its crawling gets faster.
Avoid bumping into the scene walls, or your life-span will be decremented.
Use the mouse to control the snake direction by moving it left/right. You may also use the left/right arrow-keys of your numric keypad.
Use the 'C' button to rotate between the available camera angles.
To exit the game - press the 'Esc' button.
Have fun!

Please report me with any kind of problem you notice.
I'll also be happy to recieve suggestions, comments and critisism from you.
So don't be shy - contact me at:

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