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Last updated: MAY-21-2000

The following books listed were purchased and read by me,
and thus reviewed by me. They seem to be the best on the market for now,
but there are also other books at

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DirectX API is based on Microsoft's COM specification,
so it's recommended to get familier with it too.
Usually DirectX books contains a breif discussion of what COM is and how
to use it.
A good knowledge of C/C++ is also requierd for all the following books.

"Spells of Fury"
Michael J. Norton
Waite Group Press
ISBN: 1571690670

This book covers DirectX 2.0. It's a good book, which covers
all the fundmentals of the DirectDraw subject.
It also covers other parts of DirectX such as DirectSound, DirectPlay and DirectInput.
Though today DirectX version is 7.0, the fundmentals are the same in version 2.0,
and this is a good starting point.
(This book doesn't cover Direct3D, since it hasn't been there yet at ver 2.0).
Start from this book!

"Inside DirectX"
Bradley Bargen and Peter Donnely
Microsoft Press
ISBN: 1572316969

This book covers the same topics as "Spell of Fury" does, though it deals with
DirectX ver 5.0. Still, it's not deep enough and sometimes lack details.
It's also rather good starting point, though "Spell of Fury" is better in my opinion.
This book also doesn't touch the Direct3D subject, and that just show something about
the overhaule deepness of this book...

"The Awesome Power of Direct3D/DirectX"
Peter J. Kovach
Manning Press
ISBN: 1884777473

This book is very good. It touches the right places with DirectDraw, and
the rest of it deals with Direct3D. It deals with both Direct3D Retained-Mode
and Direct3D Immediate-Mode.
It's currently the best book covering Direct3D.

"DirectX, RDX, RSX, and MMX Technology"
Rohan Coelho & Maher Hawash
Addison Wesley Developers Press
ISBN: 0201309440

This book is pretty good, and is for pepole who are already knows the fundmentals
of computer graphics programming.
It deals with Microsoft's DirectX technology and Intel's RDX and RSX technologies.
It also gives many low-level information regarding software optimizatinos,
and hardware specific issues for 80x86 CPU and MMX architecture.
It covers Direct3D Immediate-Mode only.
Not for starters.

"Inside Direct3D"
Peter J. Kovach, Jeffrey Richter
Microsoft Press
ISBN: 0735606137

This books will be published soon.
Though I still didn't read it, I do expect it to be good, only by seeing
its authors names!
Peter J. Kovach is the author of the great "The Awesome Power of Direct3D/DirectX" book.
Jeffrey Richter is the author of the great "Advanced Windows(3rd Ed)" book.

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