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Last updated: MAY-21-2000

About... Me
My name is Oron Dar.
If you would like to get to know me better, click here.
I have created this website for several reasons:

  • Put information about graphics/games programming under the same roof.
  • Make an easy access to anyone intersted in such information from all over the world.
  • Document and publish the in-progress development of my "Snake3D" game.
  • It's fun to do.

About... The site
If you're a Windows developer, this site is built just for you.
You'll find here all kinds of stuff about graphics programming, using both Windows GDI and the DirectX APIs. Demo programs, tips and tricks, source-code, books, links and other resources are all here in this site.

As you might notice, this site is free of all WWW gizmos such as Frames, JavaScripts, animated-GIFs, fancy buttons and graphics, Java applets and ActiveX controls.
I sacrifice all these in favor of faster and easier access to the content of this website, so forgive me if it's not so eye-catching...

About... You
I guess the fact you're still here means something. It means you're seroius about programming. In order to get the most benefits from this sites, you should at least be familiar with the following subjects: C/C++ programming, OOP/OOD, COM, ATL, MFC, Win32.
These subjects aren't explained specifically, so you better know about them.
In my projects I use Microsoft's development-tools. I hope you too.

eax... Or shall I say Final words
I hope you'll find this website helpfull and interesting.
For suggestions and comments, please contact me at:

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